Telehealth EHR

Telehealth EHR

Telehealth, also referred to as telemedicine or e-health, is a technique that enables healthcare providers to evaluate, diagnose, treat and monitor patients remotely through the use of telecommunications tools such as the telephone, teleconference, email or online chat. Telemedicine has experienced rapid growth in recent years because it offers the following provider and client benefits:

•    Enhanced accessibility: In urban and rural areas that are experiencing a shortage in physicians and facilities, telehealth gives clients easier access to the healthcare services they need.

•    Cost reduction: Telemedicine has been proven to be an effective means of reducing the cost of delivering and administering healthcare services.

•    Better quality: Studies show that the quality of telemedicine is often greater than in-person treatment services in areas such as mental/behavioral health and ICU.

•    Meeting demand: Many clients now demand telemedicine instead of in-person treatment because it eliminates travel and reduces the stress involved with in-person visits.

Understanding the Relationship Between Telemedicine and Electronic Health Records

These days, EHR systems play a complementary, but essential, role in the delivery of telehealth services. Telehealth EHR software is available that assists the physician and medical staff in staying organized and ensuring the security of sensitive client information. Physicians can use their computer or mobile device to log in to secure accounts and access client records to prepare for a session or make notes during or after its conclusion. Clients can also use online portals to access their treatment history, saving a trip to the practitioner’s office.

Key Telemedicine EHR Software Benefits

Telemedicine medical software can provide numerous benefits for both the healthcare provider and the client. By streamlining appointment-setting and related procedures, physicians have more time to spend with clients. They can also send an electronic prescription to a pharmacy so that a client has immediate access to refills.
From a business perspective, EHR software can simplify administrative tasks such as billing and collections, which can decrease the time required to receive payment or reimbursement and eliminate inefficiencies that lead to lost revenues.

PsyTech Solutions Offers the Best Telehealth Record Software Product

Epitomax® from PsyTech Solutions can meet the telehealth EHR software needs of behavioral health organizations with 20 or more users. Our web-based, easy-to-use software can deliver essential services that benefit physicians and administrative staff, such as faster scheduling and appointment-setting, streamlining of documentation, more efficient billing and increased documentation accuracy. Clients will appreciate the user-friendly, secure online portal and e-prescribing that ensures they can avoid delays in getting their medications.

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