Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program Use of EHR

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Why North Carolina SAIOP Practices Should Use an EHR

North Carolina continues to lead in its support for a variety of mental health and substance abuse offerings. PsyTech Solutions recognizes that CABHAs are playing an ever-greater role in the care being delivered across NC, and we’ve expanded our electronic health record platform to specifically address what you and your organization need.

Our substance abuse intensive outpatient management solutions have your broad operations in mind, powering your systems to move with clients and support treatments, while helping to keep your offices properly financed and fully compliant.

CABHA and SAIOP Management EHR

Critical Access Behavioral Health Agencies are a key provider of mental health and substance abuse services in North Carolina, with significant potential to become a preferred option for consumers.

CABHAs provide multiple service types in a single location so clients can access a multitude of options without needing to leave a facility — plus, CABHAs are required to be supervised by clinical medical directors.

This allows your organization to offer a range of high-quality services and provide a total care setting for each of your clients.

While the care is significant and able to support more of each client’s needs, it also comes with the potential for exponential growth in the amount of medical records and paperwork you have for each individual member. By offering SAIOP services , you’re also in greater need of clarity in your records to limit the potential for medication concerns, interactions or even further substance abuse.

Using an SAIOP management EHR software program will allow your CABHA  to create flexible, custom health records that highlight exactly what each different care provider needs to know as soon as they need it. PsyTech Solutions’ Epitomax® solution is designed to support your workflows so that client care and practitioner information is always emphasized.

SAIOP Electronic Management

Substance abuse intensive outpatient management solutions can make the most of the Epitomax offering because of its unique take on behavioral health. PsyTech Solutions caters to the three most important aspects of your care setting:

  • Clinic management: Organize your mental health capabilities and streamline the delivery processes by providing quick access to data, forms and clinical tools, specifically focusing on substance abuse.
  • Practice management: Move each client through your entire CABHA system and properly track their episode history as they use different care settings. You’ll be able to track medical records, coding and billing audits as required by local and federal statutes, plus give your entire team quick access to the most pertinent client data.
  • Financial management: Increase cash flow and efficiency while decreasing errors with a comprehensive financial platform designed with North Carolina service regulations in mind. Look past advanced billing automation to see a robust platform specifically designed to support you as you grow and offer a wider variety of mental health and substance abuse support services.

Our SAIOP EHR software is specifically tailored to address the needs of North Carolina’s CABHAs, as well as independent SAIOP care providers. We’re here to support you as you provide the support and care our communities need.

PsyTech Solutions understands that your time is limited and you need solutions that work. Please use the form on this page to schedule a free demo where we’ll show you exactly how your specific NC CABHA or SAIOP can benefit from our Epitomax system.


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