Substance Abuse & Addiction Treatment EHR Software

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Substance Abuse EHR Software

Electronic health records (EHR) systems offer a number of important benefits to substance abuse/addictions treatment organizations. EHRs make it so much easier — and faster — to collect and enter patient data and document treatment protocols than when using outdated paper recordkeeping methods. They also eliminate the storage hassles and costs associated with paper. And in today’s HIPAA environment, a drug and alcohol EHR system provides the high level of security and privacy required to meet the stringent HIPAA requirements.

PsyTech Solutions offers technologically advanced substance abuse EHR software specifically designed for addictions treatment organizations. Our affordable, easy-to-use Epitomax® software product seamlessly combines electronic medical records (EMR) and substance abuse practice management in one single-system database. We will work with your staff to create customized clinical smart forms and related workflows you can access from any Web-enabled device.

Our Addictions Treatment Software Eliminates the Need for Repeated Data Entry

One of the biggest drawbacks of a paper-based recordkeeping/document management system is that it requires separate data entry during every phase of the treatment process. With Epitomax addictions treatment software, you only need to enter patient data once — you can move every patient through the entire continuum of care without having to make additional entries. This saves time and reduces the likelihood of errors during repeated data entry.

Safer, Easier Medication Management

Our drug and alcohol software product facilitates e-prescribing of patient medications. When compared to paper or fax prescriptions, e-prescribing makes medication management a faster, easier and safer process. E-prescribing increases transcribing accuracy and efficiency, and it also reduces the risk of adverse drug events. What’s more, e-prescribing can result in substantial cost reductions by conserving time and resources.

Remain Compliant With Safety and Privacy Regulations

In addition to helping your substance abuse treatment organization comply with the stringent HIPAA guidelines, our EHR software will help you meet the 42 CFR Part 2 standards regarding the confidentiality of drug and alcohol abuse treatment. You can easily incorporate your drug and alcohol treatment records into your EHR system to provide a more secure environment than is possible with a paper documentation system. You will also enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that sensitive patient data will remain private.

Fully Supported Addictions Treatment EHR Software Solution

At PsyTech Solutions, we treat every customer as a valued partner — we believe that your success is our success. That’s why we provide a level of EHR software service and support that is unrivaled in our industry. You will have access to professional support teams consisting of knowledgeable software developers and clinicians who will design and implement a customized, user-friendly software solution for your organization. Our broad range of support services includes comprehensive training so you and your team can get the most out of your EHR software.

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