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Psychotherapy Software

Electronic health records (EHR) systems are now widely used in all areas of behavioral health, including psychotherapy. However, an EHR system is only as good as the configuration and company behind it. The best psychotherapy documentation software products will streamline and simplify the execution of a multitude of essential tasks related to critical areas such clinical, practice and financial management.

PsyTech Solutions is proud to offer Epitomax®, a dynamic, flexible software platform specifically designed for behavioral health applications. Epitomax is completely web-based, enabling you to access it from anywhere via any internet-enabled device with a web browser. You get the benefit of robust office, school and community-based functionality that can be tailored to your organization’s unique requirements. Our software also offers the advantage of interoperability, enabling the easy exchange of data between multiple systems.

Complete Clinical Documentation With Greater Speed and Accuracy

As an Epitomax user, you get access to a wide range of advanced clinical tools that allow you to complete documentation faster and more accurately. Use custom clinical forms with built-in workflows to facilitate the completion of paperwork by your staff members so they can spend more time on the delivery of services to your psychotherapy clients. Other valuable clinical documentation features include secure messaging, electronic signature capture, and insurance card and driver’s license scanning. The patient portal allows your clients to complete documents remotely and pay by credit card at their convenience.

Effective Psychotherapy Practice Management Software

Epitomax provides seamless integration of an electronic medical records (EMR) system with full practice management capabilities. The practice management functionality can help you manage client registration and scheduling with greater efficiency. You will be able to track consumer activity through the full continuum of care, from inquiry to intake to discharge. From a scheduling perspective, you be able to schedule by staff, location, room and client. You can also choose between centralized or clinician-controlled scheduling. In addition, you can generate check-in notifications and appointment reminder text messages or emails.

Minimize Revenue Loss With Our Psychotherapy Billing Software

Is an inefficient billing platform preventing your organization from maximizing your revenue potential? Are you not receiving payments as quickly as you should? Epitomax includes a billing component that will enhance revenue cycle management through the effective use of flexible, configurable billing controls and automation. Electronic billing and remittance procedures enable you to conserve resources and get paid faster. The configurable billing error checking capabilities allow you to eliminate the occurrence of potentially costly billing errors at the back end.

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