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EHR Software for Psychology

Whether your behavioral health organization is planning to make the move to an electronic health records system or has already made the transition from paper documentation, it is important to choose a software solution that is right for your organization. Join the long list of offices, schools and community-based mental health organizations that have made PsyTech Solutions their EHR software provider. We can provide a customized, fully integrated software solution that will streamline and simplify multiple work processes throughout your organization.

Epitomax®: Highly Configurable Software for Behavioral Health

Epitomax is a user-friendly, web-based product specifically designed for behavioral health EHR applications. Designed for easy configuration, Epitomax can be tailored to meet the needs of various mental health specialties, including psychology. What’s more, Epitomax seamlessly combines psychology EMR software with practice management and billing capabilities to provide a comprehensive EHR management solution that saves time and increases operating efficiency.

Maximize Clinical Management Practices With Our Psychology EMR Software

Epitomax includes an easy-to-use clinician dashboard that simplifies the entire clinical documentation management process. You will be able to create custom clinical forms with built-in workflows for everything from assessments and treatment plans to intake forms and discharge summaries. The patient portal allows your clients to complete and submit documents online and pay by credit card at their convenience. The secure messaging feature helps your organization remain in compliance with today’s stringent HIPAA regulations.

Dynamic Psychology Practice Management Software

Epitomax also provides enhanced practice management capabilities through the full continuum of care, from inquiry to intake to discharge. You will especially appreciate its remarkable scheduling capabilities. Use it to schedule by staff, location, room and client. The entire scheduling process can either be centralized or clinician controlled – whichever works best for your organization. You can also use Epitomax to generate check-in notifications and appointment reminders.

The Best Billing Software for Psychologists

Epitomax gives you an effective revenue cycle management solution featuring flexible, configurable billing controls and automation. Use it to properly assign payers and more easily complete invoicing, rebilling, batch processing and auto-allowancing tasks. Electronic billing and remittance procedures can help you get paid faster by reducing the number of days in accounts receivable. What’s more, you will be able to generate a variety of reports that will prove invaluable when assessing your organization’s financial performance.

Find Out if Epitomax Psychology Software Is Right for Your Behavioral Health Organization

If you’re still not convinced that Epitomax software can improve the performance of your organization, we suggest scheduling a live software demo. A friendly, knowledgeable PsyTech Solutions representative will walk you through the various product features, giving you hands-on experience with the software’s functionality. You will also be able to discuss your organization’s unique software requirements.