Optimizing Productivity in Outpatient Centers

Optimizing Productivity in Outpatient Centers

One of the most significant outcomes of the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has been an increase in the construction of outpatient healthcare facilities throughout the United States. According to OutpatientCenters.org, this trend is likely to continue — outpatient services are expected to grow by approximately 30 percent over the next decade.

In fact, the demand for outpatient services was already on the rise before ACA implementation due to factors such as the baby boomer generation beginning to reach retirement age and the economic downturn that forced many employers to reduce healthcare benefits to cut costs. In many cases, workers had to resort to outpatient treatment instead of receiving inpatient care for certain types of injuries and illnesses.

Obstacles That Inhibit Strong Financial Performance in Outpatient Centers

As the demand for outpatient care continues to increase, hospitals, clinics and other outpatient treatment facilities must find ways to maximize productivity and keep costs under control. Improving financial performance in outpatient centers requires achieving successful outcomes in the following areas:

•    Specialized treatment programs: The most successful outpatient programs are the ones that offer specialized treatment that enables the facility to differentiate itself from others in the market. This typically requires targeted training for staff members to ensure clients receive the highest quality of care as they move through the healthcare system.

•    Efficient staff management: It is imperative that you set manageable productivity standards for your facility and to ensure that your therapists have the appropriate mix of skills to accommodate your daily client volume.

•    Development of best practices: You must develop and implement a set of best practices geared toward maximizing efficiency with a focus on meeting the needs of your clients. This will require a careful review of all client treatment and administrative procedures to detect areas where streamlining may be necessary. 

•    Quality measurement tools: Your facility should have a quality improvement program in place as well as sufficient tools for measuring quality. Successful outcomes should also serve as a key component of your facility’s marketing initiatives.

•    Reliable financial metrics: Improving financial performance in outpatient centers is virtually impossible without the development of effective metrics to gauge results. This requires the careful monitoring of key performance indicators such as net revenues, direct and indirect expenses and collection of co-pays.

•    Efficient billing and documentation procedures: Your billing practices must be sufficient to ensure you are maximizing revenues and eliminating “black holes” that result in lost income. Your therapy staff should also have comprehensive knowledge of all relevant coding and documentation procedures.

•    Skilled leadership: Optimizing productivity in outpatient centers requires capable leadership with extensive knowledge and experience in the management of the various financial aspects of the operation. The director must also have access to the support and resources that are necessary for achieving the organization’s financial objects.

•    Maintaining regulatory compliance: With increasingly stringent HIPAA requirements and other regulatory mandates, outpatient facilities must make compliance a top priority to avoid violations that could have major financial implications.

Choosing the Right EHR Software for Outpatient Facilities

The rampant closing of inpatient mental/behavioral health facilities across the U.S. in recent years has fueled an increase in the need for high-quality outpatient treatment facilities. The combination of heavy demand and the requirement to transition to Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems makes the use of intuitive, easy-to-use software a necessity for behavioral health providers. 

Epitomax® software from PsyTech Solutions is specifically designed to help behavioral health facilities maximize financial performance and optimize productivity. Epitomax is a user-friendly web-based application that can serve the needs of behavioral health operations from initial contact throughout the continuum of care. You can customize Epitomax to improve results in the following areas:

•    Practice Management: Manage and organize the process of delivering services to your clients to make them more streamlined and efficient, which will result in a higher level of client satisfaction.

•    Financial Management: Epitomax includes built-in controls and automation that will enhance your billing and collection practices. You’ll notice an increase in revenue that will have a positive impact on your organization’s bottom line.

•    Clinical Management: Epitomax gives your clinical staff access to a host of technologically advanced tools that will improve documentation speed and accuracy.

Specific ways that Epitomax will improve financial performance and productivity in facilities include:

•    Improving patient flow in outpatient clinics through more efficient inquiry and waiting list management
•    Experiencing improved outcomes and quality management
•    Providing better treatment via logic-driven planning
•    Interoperability with other systems that facilitates the efficient exchange of shared data
•    Increasing profitability through enhanced revenue cycle management

We Provide the Best Service and Support in the EHR Software Industry

At PsyTech Solutions, we treat every customer as a valued partner. Our team consists of knowledgeable software developers and clinicians who understand the challenges that today’s outpatient centers experience and the role that software can play in helping them overcome these obstacles.

We’re committed to ensuring your software addresses your facility’s unique needs and provides the cost-effective solution that will boost productivity and profitability.

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