Measuring Results

Web-based Behavioral Health electronic medical records (EMR) and electronic health records (EHR) software that is fully integrated, affordable, and easy to use. Powerful Practice Management, Scheduling, Billing and Financial Management modules are all included and seamlessly integrated. Psychology and mental health software.

Measuring Results

The key to improving performance lies in measuring results - Operational, Clinical and Financial. Measure your results, make improvements based on the information, and then measure the results again.

Epitomax® behavioral healthcare management software provides you with the ability to measure results in great detail. More information that is more accessible - that’s what you can expect with our mental health software.

Epitomax® behavioral healthcare software features:

  • Comprehensive - A suite of reports comes standard with the application.

  • Solid - Accounting periods and an Aging Audit report that always matches your financials.

  • Choice – Any commercially available report writer may be used with the database, which makes writing your own reports a snap.

  • Our staff is available to write ad-hoc reports for you, or help you write them for yourself.

  • No waiting – Our behavioral health software reporting is done in real time.

  • Familiarity – Build your exact clinical documentation right into Epitomax® providing you with a behavioral healthcare EMR that mirrors your paper world.