Intensive In-Home EHR Solutions North Caroline

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Intensive In-Home EHR Solution for North Carolina

Tracking the Future of Companion Care

As a provider of intensive in-home care here in North Carolina, you need to understand what your nurses and caregivers are doing for your clients on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Regulatory reimbursement schedules are turning toward more outcome-based models, so you’ll need a robust IIH EHR solution that can properly integrate with systems and track data to point out areas of successful outcomes.
When your staff supports clients with medical care or Activities of Daily Living, you need an intensive, in-home EHR solution that can track, report and properly bill for those services. PsyTech Solutions’ Epitomax® is designed to be that specific partner that North Carolina intensive in-home care providers need.
We’ve created an intensive in-home EHR solution that’s designed to respect and facilitate the unique relationship that occurs when you enter a member’s home. We’ll help you establish baselines, open lines of communication and create clear records that keep the billing process smooth.

Complete Medical Records for IIH

Epitomax was designed to address all of the intricacies that come with custom behavioral health solutions, and our practice management and EHR tools have grown to incorporate the supplementary care that many NC CABHAs provide with intensive in-home care solutions.
Requirements of electronic medical records for IIH are becoming more complex. You need a solution that can shift and respond to the changing landscape in which you operate. That’s why Epitomax is a certified solution that you can adjust to meet your specific needs across our Clinical, Practice Management and Financial modules.

Staff can access Epitomax from PsyTech Solutions on any internet-enabled device that has a web browser, so they’re always connected and can make reports as incidents occur, instead of waiting until they return to a central office.

Billing Software for IIH

With intensive in-home care needs and scrutiny increasing, but the potential for funding decreasing, it becomes more important for your practice to manage its costs.  Epitomax handles the 2 hour minimum per client per day requirement seamlessly to keep your billing workflow streamlined and compliant.  We believe billing software for IIH should work to help you decrease costs beyond reduction in labor, delivering savings in terms of system development and maintenance, occupancy costs, training, turnover and clearinghouse fees.
Epitomax is custom-tailored to IIH so that each unit you use is smart enough to understand and prevent errors common in coding and other IIH situations, stopping you from accruing costly errors. Billing and remittance are fast and efficient, but also flexible enough to meet your unique mix of payers.

Plus, Epitomax’s operations — including billing — are certified for Meaningful Use and HIPAA-compliant. You get a complete system that covers every aspect of the billing and payment process that won’t expose you to risk.

No-Obligation, Free Demonstration Available

As your clients know, nothing beats hands-on care. So, we’d like to show you our intensive in-home management solutions firsthand with a free, no-obligation demonstration. At PsyTech Solutions, we know how important financial management can be and have seen time and again how IIH EHR solutions can free up your team to focus on care while still maintaining everything you need for an efficient organization.




North Carolina Healthcare Providers: 

The North Carolina Health Information Exchange is marching toward its February 1, 2018 deadline that will require all Medicaid providers to connect to the NC HIE if they want to receive payments for the Medicaid services they provide.

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