How to Optimize Your EHR Use

How to Optimize Your EHR Use

If you manage any type of healthcare facility these days, an Electronic Health Records system is (or soon will be) a critical component of your operating procedures. However, using EHR systems efficiently and effectively can be a challenge and may require an extensive learning curve. Learning how to optimize EHR technology is vital for ensuring you receive all the benefits your system can deliver — and for maximizing your return on what is probably a significant investment for your facility.

Helpful tips for optimizing your EHR include:

•    Learn your EHR’s capabilities: Installing an EHR is kind of like purchasing a new smartphone — it will likely include a host of additional features that enable you to perform tasks that extend well beyond its basic functionality. Taking the time to learn all that your system can do will help you identify the specific “bells and whistles” that apply to your operating procedures as well as the ones you really don’t need.

•    Modify workflow to accommodate your EHR: Learning how to improve workflow with an EHR can be a challenge. One of the biggest mistakes many new users make is attempting to adapt the system to their workflow. You’ll have much better success and fewer headaches if you modify your workflow to the features of your system. While this will probably create some short-term pain, the benefits will be worth it in the long run.

•    Create performance metrics: Establishing key performance metrics can help you assess the progress of your EHR implementation. Depending on the nature of your healthcare operation, this can include areas such as the number of medication errors before and after implementation, changes in billing turnaround times, the number or rejected claims, and provider productivity metrics including patients seen per day before and during the first six months of the EHR transition process.

•    Focus on staff training: Educating your staff on using EHR technology as part of their daily job functions can give them a better understanding of your preferences and work processes. This will enable them to increase their productivity and provide a higher level of care to your clients.

•    Standardize routine information: Many healthcare organizations — especially those that engage in specialized treatment — provide the same basic information to many clients. An EHR enables you to create customized text that will improve documentation and save time.

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