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Use Epitomax by PsyTech Solutions to improve cash flow and financial performance of your behavioral health practice. Learn more from our experts. 

Financial Management

Improve Financial Performance With Epitomax Behavioral Health Billing Software

Do you find that you are having difficulty receiving prompt payment for services rendered by your mental health organization? There is a good chance that your current billing practices contain inefficiencies that are negatively impacting your financial performance.

If you are using outdated billing procedures, it is probably time for a mental health billing service upgrade. Epitomax mental health billing software from PsyTech Solutions allows you to collect more of what you are owed — faster and with fewer resources. Get paid promptly, properly and with as little trouble as possible.

Epitomax behavioral health billing software  includes built-in Accounts Receivable functionality that enables you to speed up the revenue cycle, shorten your days in A/R, improve cash flow and boost the overall financial performance of your mental health organization. Use our state-of-the-art software to eliminate inefficiencies that may be significantly reducing your revenue stream.

Explore the Many Benefits of Our Easy-to-Use Billing Software Solution

Epitomax mental health medical billing software is:

  • Smart: Upfront edits prevent errors at the beginning, eliminating costly errors at the end.
  • Fast: Electronic billing and remittance procedures save resources, reduce days in A/R, ensuring you get paid faster.
  • Flexible: Payment rules built into our behavioral health billing software can accommodate all types of payers.
  • Automatic: Use our billing software to properly assign payers.
  • Sound: Our software can interface with any commercially available general ledger and reconcile.
  • Compliant: Our mental health software is certified for Meaningful Use and HIPAA compliance.
  • Complete: Easily complete client bills, invoicing, re-billing, auto-allowancing and batch processing.
  • Measure results: Generate reports to measure and continuously improve financial performance.

Maximize Your Software’s Financial Performance by Adding Mental Health Billing Services

While some Epitomax users prefer to do their own billing, others would rather outsource the billing process. As an Epitomax customer, you have the option to take advantage of the EmpowerMax Billing Service. EmpowerMax is a managed mental health billing service that removes the billing burden from your shoulders. A team of behavioral healthcare billing experts will handle all billing, cash application, corrections and follow-up work for you.

Choose the level of service that meets the needs of your mental health organization — options include Basic, Standard, Premium and Custom. EmpowerMax eliminates many of the issues that come with in-house billing such as under- or overstaffing, absences, disorganization and inefficient billing supervision. You are also likely to experience a significant reduction in your overall billing costs.

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