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Epitomax is a web-based, browser agnostic, mobile, behavioral health EHR that will enhance your clinical management. Learn more about our technology. 

Epitomax® EHR: Mobile Workforce


Epitomax is a user-friendly behavioral health EHR software product that can serve the total needs of your organization from initial contact through the continuum of care. Whether you operate a residential treatment facility, outpatient clinic or community-based behavioral health program, this powerful tool can help you increase cash flow, maintain HIPAA/HITECH compliance and enhance your overall quality of client service.

Understanding the need for flexibility in today’s treatment environment, we’ve designed Epitomax to be a mobile behavioral health software product that will work wherever you work. You’ll be able to increase your productivity and efficiency whether you’re in the office, at home or with a client.

Our Mobile Solution Is Compatible With All Hardware and Software

Epitomax gives your staff the flexibility to work from anywhere using any device. It also offers interoperability with other systems – use it for appointment scheduling, waiting list management, care integration and coordination and much more. You can even use it to capture mobile signatures from any touchscreen device – no additional devices are required!

Epitomax Can Enhance Performance in All Areas of Your Daily Operation

The mobility, ease of use and efficiency of Epitomax will serve you well in all aspects of your organization:

  • Practice Management: Epitomax will streamline your work processes so you and enhance your ability to manage and organize your daily functions – you’ll be able to work smarter instead of harder.
  • Clinical Management: Epitomax allows you to harness the functionality of configurable forms and other advanced clinical tools so you can complete documentation with greater speed and efficiency – by reducing the time you spend on administrative tasks, Epitomax gives you more time to provide care to your clients.
  • Financial Management: By improving functions such as billing automation and collection procedures, Epitomax will have a positive impact on your organization’s financial performance, leading to a healthier bottom line.

Device and Browser Agnostic Mobile Behavioral Health Software

What type of mobile device do you use – smartphone, tablet, laptop computer? Epitomax works with them all. We’ve optimized our mobile to fit device screens of any size, while still making it easy to see and navigate. Epitomax is also compatible with all popular web browsers including Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox.

PsyTech Solutions®: At the Forefront of Mobile-Responsive Behavioral Health EHR Solutions

At PsyTech Solutions, we’ve been doing mobile long before our competitors – you could say that we had mobile when it wasn’t cool! While other vendors are just now getting around to introducing mobile, we’ve been at it for years. Our foresight has enabled us to perfect our technology and keep us ahead of the mobile behavioral health software curve.

Contact Us to Learn More About the Advantages of Going Mobile

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