EHR Connected to Mass HIway

EHR Connected to Mass HIway

Epitomax® allows customers to securely exchange client info electronically with other care providers. In MA, this allows our customers to get on the Mass HIway, the Massachusetts statewide health information exchange.

The Massachusetts Health Information Highway is designed to manage and promote the flow of electronic health data and information among a wide range of care providers, pharmacies, labs, health plans and nursing facilities. This level of connection creates significant opportunities for providers to expand their pool of partners, and their pool of potential referrals.

EHR systems connected to the Mass HIway, like Epitomax from PsyTech Solutions, allow you to reach into a growing number of service opportunities, no matter where you fall in the care plan or setting.

Benefitting From Health Records Integrated to Mass HIway

The Massachusetts eHealth Institute outlines a wide range of benefits that practices just like yours can see by employing an EHR connected to the Mass HIway. The most pressing is that sending and sharing information happens significantly faster and you’re less likely to have errors or missing information when sharing data between care providers. It’s a significant win for all of your clients.

Other common benefits and advantages, according to the MeHI, include:

  • Streamlining of care coordination, saving you time and labor costs
  • Reduced medical errors that improve patient safety — and may provide you with some malpractice risk mitigation
  • Reduced duplication of efforts
  • Support for Meaningful Use, including Stage 2
  • Improve overall public health data management and analytics
  • Supports the improvement of value-based healthcare models — so you’re paid properly for the care you’re providing

Why You Need a Mass HIway-Compliant EHR

PsyTech Solutions’ Epitomax is designed to give you all of the advantages of Mass HIway integration while also helping you improve your practice’s bottom line. You can connect your operations to share information between and among all of the providers who are supporting your clients.

All of the data transmission is safe and secure, maintaining HIPAA compliance even as the data exchange grows. We’re creating a low-cost, practical way for you to share and receive needed member data, removing the need for consistent phone calls and transcriptions that invite more error.

For companies who are focusing on care for co-occurring acute medical and behavioral health conditions, Mass HIway creates a clear path for treatment status, medication, summaries, care plans and more by bridging services to ensure that co-occurring treatment supports, instead of hinders, the well-being of the patient.

Share everything from treatment schedules to discharge summaries and future care plans so you’re part of a system that delivers better outcomes and reduces readmission rates, which in turn provides stronger payment schedules for use under Meaningful Use standards.

See an EHR Connected to Mass HIway in Action

Understanding what’s available and how it can improve results while reducing your costs often takes a real-world demonstration. PsyTech Solutions wants to offer you a free, no-obligation demonstration of our capabilities so you can have a preview of the benefits of a Mass HIway-compliant EHR.

Use the form on this page to set up your demo and start down the path to having your health records integrated to Mass HIway.

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