EHR Solution for Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities

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EHR Solution for IDD

Case management becomes increasingly complex when you’re providing care and assistance for clients who have intellectual or developmental disabilities. You’re constantly working with a team of caregivers who see a very specific side of their family member, while staff supplement those efforts with a focus on care.

It’s a tough and emotionally significant care setting that often comes with shifting needs and quick thinking in the moment, but it still must be backed up through a completely thorough and accurate accounting of the care for billing and regulatory purposes.

PsyTech Solutions has designed an EHR solution for IDD specifically to adapt to changing needs and in-the-moment care delivery. Our Epitomax® electronic health record system is specifically designed to address medical records for IDD with all of your smart forms, associated workflows and support for advanced tools around client signature capture, care provisioning, e-prescriptions and clinician dashboards.

You take care of your clients’ needs, so let us take care of yours with responsive, reliable and safe intellectual and developmental disability EHR software.

An Integrated EHR System for IDD

Epitomax is a certified EHR for Meaningful Use and HIPAA, so you can protect your members’ privacy while tracking their health history, managing documentation, reviewing medication and treatment plans, plus incorporating the latest in evaluations and test results.

You get unified medical records for IDD clients on a system that’s easy for your team to update and access no matter where you provide care. The platform can communicate with your other medical care systems, but is secure enough to limit access to the right people with the appropriate classifications. Share across care teams in your organization while limiting outside access to reduce your liabilities and risks.

Billing Support in EHR Solution for IDD

Intellectual and developmental disability EHR software must capture a variety of unique metrics and data points to properly serve your clients. That same information is required to ensure that you have reliable and on-time billing that’s properly reimbursed.

Our billing solution is designed to be easy to work with and robust enough to capture what you need to achieve your program’s goals:

  • Completely customizable to meet individual organization needs
  • Deep code lookup support
  • Electronic billing and electronic remittance batch processing provide fast billing and auto-posting
  • e-Prescribing support
  • Reduce errors through upfront edits
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Verify insurance eligibility
  • Waiting list and inquiry management

See Our EHR System for IDD

PsyTech Solutions makes it our mission to provide you with the tools you need to manage client records for every aspect of your business. From facilitating care and clinic development to billing, processing and regulatory compliance, we’ve created a robust offering that can be tailored to fill all of your needs.

We invite you to use the form on this page to secure a free, no-obligation demonstration of our EHR solution for IDD and other practice areas. The demo will showcase our core functionality and flexibility that allow PsyTech Solutions clients to achieve significant savings by controlling their operations, practice and financial management.

North Carolina Healthcare Providers: 

The North Carolina Health Information Exchange is marching toward its February 1, 2018 deadline that will require all Medicaid providers to connect to the NC HIE if they want to receive payments for the Medicaid services they provide.

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