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EmpowerMax by PsyTech Solutions, manages billing and increases revenue for Epitomax customers. Contact our team for these behavioral health EHR solutions. 

Welcome to EmpowerMax Billing Service

Do you realize how much it is costing you by doing your own billing? In addition to the upfront labor costs, there are also a number of hidden expenditures you might not be aware of — system configuration and maintenance, clearing house costs, occupancy costs, staff turn-over, and training, to name just a few.

EmpowerMax Billing Service empowers your organization to more effectively manage your billing procedures, resulting in lower costs and increased revenue. Your staff will have more time to focus on what matters most: serving your clients.

An Outpatient Mental Health Billing Service You Can Trust

EmpowerMax offers many years of experience in behavioral health revenue cycle management. This ensures you get an outpatient mental health medical billing solution you can trust. Because we only work with Epitomax® customers, we have unsurpassed knowledge of Epitomax software applications and the various aspects of mental health billing as they relate to psychiatric rehabilitation, addictions treatment and autism.

Minimize the Risk of Critical Billing Knowledge

If yours is like many behavioral health organizations, one or two key staff members manage the bulk of the billing procedures. If these individuals leave, it can wreak havoc on your entire billing process. By outsourcing your outpatient mental health billing service to EmpowerMax, you get the peace of mind of knowing that your billing service will always operate at peak efficiency — no more worries about employee turnover.

Get Paid Properly and Quickly

Do you constantly have to deal with slow or insufficient payments? By increasing billing efficiency and streamlining the collection process, EmpowerMax can help to ensure you receive prompt, proper payment and reimbursement for all mental health services rendered by your organization. This will significantly improve your cash flow and add transparency to the billing process, which will have a positive impact on your organization’s bottom line.

Decrease Claim Denials and Lower Your Accounts Receivable

Claims denial is a common issue that affects many mental health and addictions treatment organizations these days. In many cases, inefficient billing and claims management practices contribute to claim denials; leading to a loss in revenues. By handling labor-intensive tasks such as filing claims, working unpaid claims and filing appeals of denied claims, we can remove these burdensome procedures from your shoulders. Our extensive knowledge of the claims process and outpatient billing procedures can dramatically reduce the number of denials, while also lowering your accounts receivable.

Choose the Level of Service That Best Suits Your Needs

As an EmpowerMax customer, you have the flexibility to select the outpatient mental health billing service level that meets your organization’s requirements. Choose from our Basic, Standard and Premium packages. We can also work with you to develop a customized billing service if needed.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Outpatient Mental Health Billing Services

Don’t let inefficient in-house outpatient addictions treatment, psychiatric rehab or autism billing practices limit your organization’s profitability. If you are an Epitomax user, contact EmpowerMax Billing Service to learn more about how we can improve billing efficiency, increase revenues and improve your organization’s bottom line.