Addiction Treatment

EmpowerMax by PsyTech Solutions, manages billing and increases revenue for Epitomax users. Contact our team for addiction treatment billing solutions. 

Addictions Treatment Medical Billing

Do you handle the billing practices for your addictions treatment organization in-house? Are you looking for ways to make your billing more efficient to ensure you are receiving prompt payment and capturing all revenues owed to your organization? Epitomax® behavioral health software from PsyTech Solutions includes built-in billing functionality that can streamline and simplify the entire substance abuse medical billing process. You will be able to improve your enhance your billing capabilities, while simultaneously eliminating inefficiencies that may be limiting your organization’s profitability.

Billing Custom-Designed for Addictions Treatment and Mental Health 

Mental health is a highly specialized healthcare field that has its own unique billing requirements. Epitomax’s billing capabilities can be configured to meet the needs of medium and large addictions treatment organizations. Key features and benefits of our drug and alcohol medical billing software include:

  • Efficient handing of Medicare, Medicaid and commercial payer billing requirements for any state in the U.S.
  • Self-pay statements and collections functionality — when your efforts to collect the self-pay portion of bills from your clients fail, Epitomax can bundle all outstanding charges into batches and forward them to a collection agency.
  • Sophisticated Accounts Receivable system allows you to more effectively manage the revenue cycle, minimize errors, reduce the number of claim denials and increase cash flow.
  • “Hard close” of each accounting period and seamless integration with the General Ledger facilitates reconciliation and efficiency.
  • Electronic remittance processing with auto-posting functionality enables automated handling of allowed amounts and write-offs.  
  • Built-in Epitomax validation ensures proper coding, enhancing billing accuracy.
  • Batch electronic billing and automated cash posting. 

Additionally, Epitomax offers a smart addictions treatment medical billing solution that enables upfront editing, which can eliminate costly errors during every stage of the billing cycle. You also have the capability to generate timely, informative reports that allow you to measure billing and financial performance with ease. And in today’s environment where data security and patient privacy are of utmost importance, it’s good to know that Epitomax software is certified for Meaningful Use and HIPAA compliance.

EmpowerMax: A Reliable Third-Party Billing Solution

Are you considering outsourcing your addictions treatment billing? Outsourcing can often reduce labor costs and eliminate concerns about worker shortages and staff turnover. As an Epitomax customer, you have the option to use EmpowerMax, a third-party service that can remove the billing burden from your shoulders. You get the benefit of a professional, fully staffed billing service that will make a positive contribution to your organization’s bottom line. You also have the flexibility to choose the billing service option that best meets your organization’s needs and budget requirements — you can select from our Basic, Standard and Premium packages.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Substance Abuse Billing Service Options

Don’t let insufficient billing practices result in lost revenues and a needless reduction of your organization’s profitability. Contact us to learn more about how our in-house and third-party solutions can enhance billing efficiency and boost your bottom line. We will also be happy to schedule a convenient live software demo where a PsyTech Solutions representative will “walk you through” the system and help you explore your organization’s specific needs.