Behavioral Health EMR | Epitomax EHR

Epitomax is a web-based, behavioral health EHR that will enhance your clinical and financial management. Learn more about our technology. 

Epitomax® EHR for Behavioral Health

Is your behavioral health organization looking to increase cash flow, maintain compliance with stringent HIPAA/HITECH regulations, improve the overall quality of services, and do a better job of measuring outcomes? Epitomax EHR medical software from PsyTech Solutions can help you achieve these goals — and more. We created Epitomax with the goal of enhancing the efficiency and quality of care in the mental healthcare and addictions treatment industries. 

Powerful Web-Based Behavioral Health EHR Software


Epitomax is an, easy-to-use web-based behavioral health EHR application that offers the flexibility to serve the needs of organizations from outpatient and community based to residential treatment. Epitomax starts with the initial contact and carries through the continuum of care.

You get everything you need in a single system database for a total practice management and EMR solution with no duplicate data entry required. You can also access Epitomax from virtually anywhere via any Internet-enabled device with a Web browser. 

Easily Configurable Behavioral Health EMR Software

Epitomax includes a fully customizable behavioral health EMR component. We can build all your clinical smart forms and associated workflows into the software for you, along with Client Signature Capture, Due Date Calculation and a Clinician Dashboard that enables you to manage all forms. Other key Epitomax features include:

  • Interoperability with other systems
  • Outcomes and quality management
  • Care integration and coordination
  • ONC-ACB Certified (Modular EHR – Ambulatory)
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Flexible and configurable billing system
  • Inquiry and waiting list management
  • Utilization management
  • Centralized and individual scheduling
  • Patient portal
  • Secure messaging
  • Logic-driven treatment planning
  • Automatic and user-driven alerts
  • e-Prescribing available

The Epitomax Behavioral Health EHR Solution Leverages the Latest Technology

Our innovative use of technology means we can offer high-quality practice, clinical and financial management software with high-touch services in the following areas at a low cost to healthcare providers:

  • Practice Management: Use Epitomax to more efficiently manage, organize and streamline the process of delivering mental health and chemical dependency services to your clients.
  • Clinical Management: By making effective use of advanced clinical tools and configurable forms, Epitomax enables you to complete accurate clinical documentation faster than ever.
  • Financial Management: Epitomax EHR medical software will help you improve your organization’s financial performance via enhanced billing automation, controls, and collection capabilities.

Your Success Defines Our Success

PsyTech Solutions is committed to providing great service, value and flexibility. We view every customer as a valued business partner. You will have access to a knowledgeable and capable support team that will help you develop a customized behavioral health EHR that will enable to achieve your specific organizational goals.

Contact us to schedule an online Epitomax EHR medical software demo today.